Festival and Events

Karjat Jamkhed's Festival and Events​

Karjat and Jamkhed are the two taluka’s in Ahmednagar District. Farming is the main source of livelihood, although rainfall is low in these two taluka’s. And due to low rainfall there is a challenge to generate income from the said source of livelihood. But still people fight with courage with the drought situation, and make sure that they preserve their traditions and festivals.

Vijayadasami’s Bhaland Bandhani Ceremony (भाळंद बांधणीचा सोहळा ) at the Jagadamba Mata Temple of Rashin, the celebration of the Khandoba of Shegud, the festivals of each Ekadashi or the Dargha’s  Sandal (दर्ग्याची संदल)  are celebrated with great enthusiasm. From this, social cohesion is maintained. Traditional sports like wrestling have a prominent place in the jatra.

Many traditions such as birth anniversary, death anniversary, samadhi ceremony, village rituals are still practiced by the villagers and they are celebrated in the same traditional way. For many such festivals and Celebrations, Karjat Jamkhedkar’s has been sincerely taking honest efforts for the preservation of his culture for centuries.