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Each region has its own unique history, traditions, lifestyles, and this is where citizens from all over the world are constantly transmitting it from one generation to the next generation.

But while preserving this historical legacy, there was an intent that the traditions, historical and religious architecture, festivals and culture must be brought one platform and made accessible to all people, so that they can also witness the beautiful legacy of Karjat and Jamkhed, and so this website has been conceptualised by MLA Rohit Pawar.

We have tried to provide information about the historical sites, religious places, and places of interest, unique characteristics of the district, Karjat Jamkhed and all the unique food cultures and folk arts in one place.

For better education, health, more jobs & tourism, we are launching Karjat Jamkhed Integrated Development Foundation which will definitely uplift Karjat-Jamkhed Constituency. Under the foundation we are specially focusing on tourism as the essay writing service development of the region will provide business opportunities to our youth and women. This website includes information on the historical & religious importance of the district, its features, self help groups, and other information. Our target is to achieve top position in Ahmednagar district in the next three years and then lead in the state by the end of five years.

MLA, Maharashtra.

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Let’s resolve issues regarding water conservation, education, healthcare and women’s empowerment in the Karjat Jamkhed constituency through donation & support the sustainable work. Light a lamp and be their sunshine!