Name of the Place: Nimbalkar Gadi (Fortress) and Samadhi of Sultanji Nimbalkar

Importance of Place: This Gadi (Fortress) is built by Sultanji Nimbalkar, who built the historic Kharda Fort and just near to this place is his carved Samadhi.

Type of place: Gadi (fortress) and Samadhi

The two-storeyed Nimbalkar fortress, located in the middle of the village of Kharda, is a very important historical building, which as per the history documents is believed to be built in 1743 by Sultanji Nimbalkar at the same time when he constructed the Kharda Fort. The features of this fort, which is the securely erected in a strong foundation and four towers, are the carved concrete timber gates, the perennials that hold water in high droughts, and the wells inside the fort, such as the subways which goes to Shivapattan fort. Once we go inside the fort, we see in middle is an extensive ground and building, which helps us remember the era of Sulatanaji. The school at Kharda of the Rayat Education Institute use to be conduct classes at this fort for many years, but after the earthquake of 1993, the classes started to fill up at a different place due to security reasons.

Sultanji Nimbalkar’s Samadhi:
At a distance of 500 to 800 meters from the fort, it is the Samadhi of Sultanji Nimbalkar and is famous for its carved structure. Sultanji Nimbalkar, who had a harmonious relationship with the Nizam Shahi, also had good relations with the Maratha Empire. It is said that the carved Samadhi was constructed in his memory after his death in 1748 by his descendant Hanmantrao.

Local Features:
• Shivapattan Fort located at Kharda is nearby to this place.
• The Salty Papadi (Khari Papdi) Bhel found near the bus stop, is crisp and tasty to eat. This papadi is in great demand among Foodies all over the district.