Karjat Jamkhed Food Culture

About Karjat Jamkhed Food

There are many different types of food cultures in the world and so on. The country of India is diverse. Languages, cultures, customs, traditions and food cultures also change every 50-100 km. The food dish is the same but it has a different taste in each area. Some foods are characterised by that particular taste.

In the two talukas of Karjat Jamkhed, we also get to see and experience such unique and its very own food cultures. Tasty Shippi Amatti made from many pulses, and the greasy chicken and mutton cooked in the mud stove are one of the most popular dishes. Many vegetarian and non-vegetarian food dishes are the highlight of Karjat Jamkhed.

Today, many women have created their own employment through self-help groups of food items at various food festivals. We must visit this rich food tradition of Karjat Jamkhedkar which offers Bhakari, Thecha, Khari Papdi Bhel, and various types of Chicken and Mutton dishes . (भाकरी, पिठलं, ठेचा, खारी पापडी भेळ, चिकन मटण)