Humans Of Karjat Jamkhed

Ahmednagar district is famous for its water and green farming but the situation in Karjat and Jamkhed in the same district is a little difficult.

Due to the deficit of rain which leads to low income from agriculture, the difficulty of drinking water that arises in the summer, drought that has persisted for many years, rising unemployment.

While women create self-employment through self-help groups, many young people are starting their own business. Some are into making pure leather slippers and selling them while some women are into sewing and selling them.

Some women have started their own businesses by producing and selling various items through handicraft or handloom. Wooden bulls, decorative objects, some of the ladies are contributing to the running of the house today, while the beautiful leather belts made by men  of Siddhatech and have secured a unique identity.

In Karjat Jamkhed  many young people, mothers and sisters have started diversifying innovative activities by adding traditional business to innovation.