Name of the Location: Blackbuck Sanctuary, Rehukari

Greatness of Location: This sanctuary built in the year 1980 for the protection of Blackbuck was the first of its kind in the state of Maharashtra.

Type of Location: Sanctuary


This Sanctuary is situated in an area of ​​2.17 sq km in drought-prone areas of Karjat Taluka in Ahmednagar district. The sanctuary was built on February 21, 1980, primarily for the protection of blackbuck and other animals as well as forestry. It is the first sanctuary in the state to be built to protect blackbuck. While blackbuck due to hunting, are losing their numbers day by day, there are about six hundred in this sanctuary. Nim, Sisu, Khair, Hivar, Bore, and Kusali, Hill Marawel and Pawanya are also found in grass varieties. Earlier, there were large numbers of Maaldhok birds. Walking inside this sanctuary, 10 km from Karjat, the forests are tempted.

The monuments were erected in order to see the animals here. From this we can easily see these animals. Animals are found in the area, such as blackbuck, deer, rabbits, and foxes. In this sanctuary, various shelters have been set up, and when animals come to drink water, we can see them closely without disturbing them. Rehukari’s sanctuary is a unique joy and experience that will last forever.

It usually takes two and a half to three hours to see the entire sanctuary. Inside there is also drinking water and dining facilities. You can also find information about the sanctuary at the beginning or if you need help at the information center.


Appeals and Requests to Tourists:

  • We all have the responsibility to protect these animals and the forestry in Rehukari Sanctuary.
  • No food item should be given to the animals. Be careful not to disturb the animals.
  • Do not harm the forest and take care of it.
  • Also, do not put plastic bags, or water bottles in & around the sanctuary. Use dustbins.

Local Features:

  • Karjat which is a Taluka place is nearby.
  • Shippi Amti a food dish is famous here.