Name of the Location: Siddhatek Siddhivinayak Temple, Siddhatek

Greatness of Location: Siddhathek Siddhivinayak, the third Ganapati in Ashtavinayak, is in Karjat taluka in Ahmednagar district

Type of Place: Temple


Upon entering Mandali village, you get to witness this monastery which is to the north. On gets to come inside through a huge welcome door. Going about 600-700 meters away, we see the main entrance of the temple. Then we see assembly hall for devotees. After descending the stairs, we reach the meeting hall of the temple of Lalgir Baba Samadhi. In the front you see their Sanjeevan Samadhi. Inside, only the Bal Brahmachari are admitted. In the front of Sanjeevan Samadhi, we see the Samadhi of 18 disciples of Lalgir Buva. On the right side are the temples of Ganapati and Maruti. Walking in front of this Samadhi, there is a living room of Atmaramgiri Maharaj in the southeast direction of the House. For the past several years, they have been performing ascetic ascites at this place in the same physical state. In its immediate vicinity is the old residence of Atmaramgiri Baba and in the backyard there is a hall for celebrations during Ekadashi and a special festival. Devotees believe that all desires are fulfilled when Swami gives blessings.

The embrace of Siddhivinayak Temple, which gained importance during Peshwa period, was built by Punyashlok Ahilyabai Holkarji. God’s Makhar is of brass and the throne is of stone. Lord Vishnu had been fighting for many years with Madhu and Kathab. But they were not successful. Then Shankar asked Vishnu to worship Ganapati. It is also reported that Vishnu killed Asuras after worshiping Ganpati here.


This temple also has a history. Haripant Phadke, the chief of the Peshwa, prepared the road to this shrine on a small hill. However, this temple of 15 feet height and 10 feet long was built by Punyashlok Ahilyabai Holkar. Due to some reasons the headship of Haripant Phadke was taken away by the Peshwas. After this incident, Phadke laid 21 rounds (pradakshina) to this temple and then he was reinstated with the headship again after 21 days. 


  • Ganesh Festival
  • Every month Chaturthi
  • Angarkhi Chaturthi

Local Features:

  • Leather Goods – Leather belts and leather wallets made by the special skills of leather workers at Siddhatek are particularly noteworthy.
  • On the banks of the river Bhima, the footsteps (during the journey / festival) are consumed by passionate memories to eat the chullira, which is found on these foliage, and the bread and cucumbers found on these feet.