Name of the Place: Shri Mahasati Akkabai Temple, Karjat

Greatness of Location: Philanthropic and Justice lover Akkabai’s Temple

Place Type: Temple


This temple is of Akkabai who was philanthropic and justice lover, daughter-in-law of Nimbalkar family of Phaltan who was then the Jahagirdar of Karjat.As one passes from Karjat to Rashin, this temple is found in the main square and is considered as one of the important deities of Karjat.

While living in Karjat, Akkabai from her residence has tried many cases in favor of the truth. It is said that Akkabai was a devotee of the great Vitthal and by the order of Panduranga, she had made Harinarayan Maharaj of Benavadi as her Guru. After the death of Akkabai, this temple was erected and devotees come here to pay homage. The residence of justice lover Akkabai has now been given to the government for official use

Festivals / Celebrations:

  • In Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm. And Ghat (घट) are also established. 

Local Feature-

  • Also near Bhandewadi there is ‘Thane’ (a local place) in the name of Akkabai, and it is famous as Akkabai garden.
  • Sadguru Godad Maharaj’s Temple is nearby

Famous Foods – Shippachi Amti is a famous food dish in Karjat and guest is specially served with this dish. In various Hotels Shippyachi Amti along with Chapati, Bhakhari , Rice, Peanuts are available