Name of the Location: Nanda Devi Temple, Nanaj

Greatness of the Location: Nanda Devi Mandir at Nanaj is a village diety.

Type of Place: Mandir

Information: While approaching the Jamkhed road from Chondi, one goes via a village of Nanaj, where the temple of Nanda Devi is located on a high hill on the north of the village. This place is on a small hill at the end of the village of Nanaj, and ascending about two steps from the base, we can see the quiet courtyard of the temple in front and Nanda Devi in ​​the village. On the right side of the temple, there are huge ponds, which can be seen in the rainy season. The surrounding area of ​​the temple is surrounded by trees and the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. In Navratri, many devotees come here for blessings in huge numbers. Nanda Devi Mandir is known as the goddess who fulfils wishes of devotees.

Festivals / Celebrations:

Navratri Festival