Name of the place: Shri Ankheri Aai Devi Temple, Dhanora

Greatness of Location: Hemadpanthi Temple

Type of place: Temple


Shri Ankheri Aai Temple is an old temple of Hemadpanthi. The main place of this shrine is Mahur Gadh. This temple is ancient and its construction is in the 16th century. One day a Businessman who used to trade pearls in the area met the of a small girl playing around a swing of a tree (it was the Goddess who came in the character of a girl) met this Businessman and asked him ‘what’s in this bag?’, the businessman lied by saying he had salt in it. The moment he entered new town via river, and he finds that in his bag instead of diamonds pearl he found salt. The merchant realized that he had lied, he returned back to the same village and tried to look for the little girl, but he could not be found. There he found two stone shoes, he prayed at the stone shoes and said that he will build the temple and then the Goddess arrived. 

Festivals / Celebrations:

  • Shri Ankheri Aai Devi Temple yatra festival celebrates Chaitra Pure Tritiya and Chaturthi. In this the goddess sails. Half the congregation plays the instrument at that time as well as from many places devotees come to visit the goddess during the yatra to fulfil the vow of the goddess.
  • The goddess yatra is filled with wrestling arenas. There are wrestlers from many talukas.
  • Goddess Navratri fills the village with excitement.
  • Also in Navratri, Harinam Week is held. In this, the renowned Kirtankar Bhajanani Mandal participates in this place and Navami gets the house of Goddess; this palanquin departs to Dhanora village and worships the goddess overnight and celebrates the goddess. People from many villages in Jamkhed taluka of Dhanora, Vanjarwadi, Fakarabad Piparkhed, Arnagaon, Patoda Bawi, Khandvi.