Name of the place: Aranyeshwar Temple, Arangaon

Place Mahatma: Hemadpanthi Temple

Type of place: Temple

Information: The Hemadpanthi temple is of Mahadev, which is located in Arangaon. As one enters through the large entrance, in the front of the temple is the great Hemadpanthi temple which is visible. Then, after landing in the main embrace, Mahadev’s Pindi is seen. Every Monday there is Puja and also in Shravan. The week starts here from the third Monday of Shravan. On that last day, there is a festival of Kali and a program of Mahaprasad. There is a large crowd of devotees in the monastery of the neighbouring Maharaja.

There is a 17th century Sanjeevan Samadhi of the Nispruha Maharaj and now his disciples live in the monastery. The Nispruha Maharaj (Buva Saheb Maharaj) who had a monastery in this place, was a devotee of Mahadeva. Maharaj sacrificed and renounced all material happiness and showed devotees the path of truth and devotion to his devotees.

Later his devotees carried forward his legacy and till today this tradition is consistently going on in this Math which also happens to be the place of residence of Nispruha Maharaj (Ranjit Maharaj). 

Festivals / Celebrations:

  • Every year, devotees come to this place on a large number on Monday
  • Mahashivratri is celebrated with a huge festival and also various Mahapuja’s.

Local Features:

  • There is also a monastery of the imperious Nispruh Maharaj nearby.