Name of the place: Pir Baba Dargah, Jawala

Greatness of the Location: Symbol of Hindu Muslim Unity

Type of place: Dargah

This 700 year old Dargah is located in Jawala, in a very scenic environment near the bank of the river. Earlier, the construction of this Dargah was done in stone, but now a few years ago it is found that new construction has been built around it. Inside the Dargah where the ‘Chadar’ are mounted, above the same place is situated a dome completely decorated with glass and four Minar (towers) are built around the Dargah.
During the month of February-March, big Urus are filled here, in which all the religious people participate. The Kwalli program conducted here is very popular in the surrounding and every Thursday devotees of Pir Baba gather for the Pir Baba Darbar. This ancient Dargah at Jawala, which has been a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity for the last seven centuries, stands firmly today inspiring harmony and love.

Festivals / Celebrations: Urus in the month of February March

Local Features:
Near to this Dargah is the Jawaleshwar Temple.