Name of the Location: Sant Savata Mali Mandir, Ambijalgaon.

Greatness of the Location: Important Place in Warkari Sect.

Type of Place: Saint Temple


Saint Savata Mali Maharaj made an unparalleled association of spirituality and devotion, self-realization and folklore, duty and virtue. He did not give in to the superstitions, hypocrisy and outrageous rhetoric of religion. He was constantly critical about it. He learned the qualities of self-purity, philosophy, morality, fearlessness, morality, tolerance etc.

Some of his most famous Abhangs –

  • ‘आमची माळियाची जात, शेत लावू बागाईत’
  • ‘कांदा मुळा भाजीअवघी |विठाबाई माझी’
  • ‘लसूण मिरची कोथिंबीर| अवघा झाला माझा हरि ||’
  • ‘योग-याग तप धर्म।सोपे वर्म नाम घेता।। तीर्थव्रत दान अष्टांग।याचा पांगआम्हा नको।।‘

This is the view he urged and had put more emphasis on nomenclature. 16-17 years ago villagers at Ambijalgaon constructed this temple from the public contribution. Saint Savata Mali is the leader of the Warkari sect and his literature is considered important in the sect. There is a statue of Saint Savata Mali in the temple along with Vitthal Rukmini. There is a huge assembly hall which is a host to Bhajan-Kirtan and other welfare programs of villagers.

Festivals / Celebrations:

  • In the month of Aashadh, a big Kirtan week is held at this place.
  • The villagers also perform Bhajan and Kirtan here every evening.