Name of the Location: Sadguru Godad Maharaj Temple, Karjat

Greatness of the Location: This shrine of Karjat is the pilgrimage for lakhs of devotees in the state, and is a village deity of Karjat residents.

Type of Place: Temple


Sadguru Godad Maharaj was born on the occasion of ‘Shake 13 Shravan Shuddha Dasami’ (according Indian calendar) on the constellation of Bhosale in Udaipur on Thursday. His grandfather was born in Karjat (then Karnagram). Although there were various birth names such as Amrut Singh / Amrut, he later became well known by the name Godad Maharaj. Even though he was born in the dynasty, he did not want any material things from his childhood. The Maharaj, who was thought of as a recluse, was constantly amazed at Panduranga’s name. He was fearless, quick-tempered but forgiving. They take delight in taking the Panduranga name. The Maharaj performed a severe asceticism on the Satpuda Mountain for 18 years. It is said that he had to face insult from an erstwhile elite women, that is why the angry Maharaj prepared the ritual sacrifice, but by the preaching of God, he received the command of God to come to Karjat village and join him there and promised him that Panduranga would come from Pandharpur to visit Karjat village in a Palkhi. Even today as well the Palkhi rather than going from Karjat to Pandharpur, the Palki comes at the Godad Maharaj Mandir.  Then he took the Sanjeevan Samadhi here. Interestingly when Maharaj himself was alive, he built his Samadhi.

During his lifetime, Maharaj wrote many important subjects on many important philosophical, spiritual, medical disciplines.

In his Karjat practice, he successfully treated many patients. All these texts and documents can be seen in the back of the temple.

Festivals / Celebrations:

  • Magh Vidya Chaturdashi witness a big Samadhi ceremony
  • Gudhipadava is celebrated in big way.
  • Each Ekadashi has Dindi and Kirtan.
  • Rath Yatra is on Kamika Ekadashi and also Dindi Processions also takes place. 

Local Features:

  • Shippi Amti is the most popular food item in Karjat and is served to guest as a special dish.
  • In various hotels you will find the Shippyachi Amti, Rice, Chapati.
  • You should visit Karjat for once to taste the Shippyachi Amti.